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dsome incom▓e for a farmer living in a remote village in the mountains.E-commerce has helped poor farmers sell r▓ural specialties and improve their livelihoods, as mo

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re ▓and more people began to crave green and organic food, which farmers produce in abundance.Chen ▓Cuihua, head of a produce cooperative in Pucheng Coun▓ty, Fujian,

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said their annual sales volume climbed from 30 ▓tonnes to over 100 tonnes after they opened an online shop.Online retail volume in ▓rural areas topped 1.24 trillion

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yuan in 2017, up 39.1 percent year on year, according to the Ministry of Commerce.▓Over 9.8 million online shops were based in villages by the end of 2017, u▓p 20

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creating over 28 million ▓jobs.E-commerce is not the only digital techno

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logy that has benefited millions of farmers in China. Technology such

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ry about burglars or fa▓lling ill."We have installed cameras in his house

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that are connected to the village's monitoring system, so that we can

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be alerted and offer help in the event of an emergency," said village ?/p>

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us▓e shared bikes, and shop online via a "smar▓t village" platform set up in 2015.Besides bridging▓ the rural-urban gap in terms of living sta▓ndards, digital technology has also helped encourage migrant workers to return to villages, which have seen large ▓numbers of farmers leave to find work in cities over past years.Zeng Wei, 32, moved to Longtan Village, Fujian from neighboring Jiangxi Province, after he rented an old house to run a bookstore and teahouse, and another for a guesthouse."Thanks to the internet, e-commerce, and better logistics systems, rural life is not much different from that in the cities▓," said Zeng. "The countryside is a perfect▓ place for freelance painters, writers, and designers who prefer to live close to nature."As new inhabitants arrived in Longtan, the village became lively again. The local elemen▓tary school was reopened, with new arrivals as teachers."The best way to revive rural areas is to bring more peopl▓e in," said

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fficial.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagra▓mPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChang鈥檈 4 probe to carry out experiments in unexplored lunar territoryChang鈥檈 4 probe to carry out experiments in unexplored lunar territoryChang鈥檈 4▓ probe to carry out experiments in unexplored lun▓ar territory04-17-2018 09:51 BJTChina's Chang'e-4 lunar probe is expected to accomplish feats that are unprecedented in space history after it launches later this year, such as touching▓ down softly on the far side of the Moon ▓and taking the first flowers to blossom on the lifeless lunar surface.The probe will c▓arry a tin containing seeds of potato and arabidopsis, a small plant related to cabbage and mustard, and ▓probably some silkworm egg

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s to conduct the first bio▓logical experiment on the Moon.The "lunar mini biospher▓e" experiment was designed by 28 Chinese universiti

es led by Southwest China's Chongqing University, according to a conference on scientific and technological innovation of Chongqing Mu

nicipality.Blossoming hopesResearchers hope the seeds wi▓ll blossom on the Moon, with the process c▓aptured on camera and transmitted to E

arth.Althoug▓h astronauts have cultivated plants on the International Space Station, and rice and arabidop▓sis were grown in China's Tiangong-2

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